Leave the World Behind at the Timbavati Gate and Experience Motswari Hideaways

Let the bush surprise you from the moment you set foot in the unscripted and truly wild, Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. Experience Motswari Hideaway’s self-catering camps where the luxuries are grounded in nature, the rich wildlife the hero of your stay and the exclusive use of each camp providing the escape you truly need.

Be Present in This Sacred Space at Motswari Hideaways

A story of lions feasting on a buffalo in the campgrounds happened not too long ago. The yelps of jackals linger under a blanket of stars. The campfire signals a gathering of your tribe - a place for sacred memories.

The two daily game drives deliver thrilling wildlife encounters that are second to none. You can go bird-watching to your heart’s desire - so be sure to bring your trusty binoculars, and that tattered Robert’s bird book of yours. Every day the sun rises. Every night the sun sets. Every day is the same, yet none are ever alike. How could they be with a myriad of creatures that still roam around Motswari Hideaways as they have done for decades?

“...Arrive as a Visitor, and Leave as a Friend”