Rhino Disharmony

Art overcomes language barriers, supersedes cultural boundaries and communicates in a way words can only dream of. Artists from around the world harness their passion for rhinos and their artistic skill to create amazing works to help Rhino Disharmony talk about the rhino poaching crisis and the importance of maintaining harmony in the wild.

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Rhino Disharmony Ambassadors 

Through the participation of artists, their fans and the informed public, Rhino Disharmony aims to create a global platform that draws attention to the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa. With Rhino Disharmony we are working towards changing the perception about the use of rhino horn and how it is fast-tracking this species to extinction. See if you can recognise some of our world-renowned ambassadors who have all contributed to growing Rhino Disharmony into a place where art traverses barriers, creating a space for meaningful conversation and change.